Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kitchen Glitchen--OR--Too Bad about Those Mid-Century Cabinets

Those old metal glass-fronted cabinets were lovely. And now they are mangled. Dead. The sand-blasting and powder coating turned them from smooth steel with a bad paint job to lumpy steel with a good paint job. I'm not going to post a picture because I don't want to be reminded of their demise. Here instead are a couple of pictures of from their nice years:

Oh well. So what if the whole kitchen design revolved around them. So what if we were ahead of schedule getting this done, and now there will be a big delay. So what if my already over-budget project is now going to cost another arm and leg?

Bob Mason, the wonderful cabinet maker in Brooklyn, says he can make something new. Here's what I'm thinking--a glass-fronted cabinet for over the sink, and metal shelves and rails and hooks for over the stove area:

Meantime, the cabinets, floor, and appliances look wonderful installed. I won't go into the shattered glass door on the oven that happened after I signed off on the delivery, meaning the store wouldn't have to do anything to fix it. Pictures to come.

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